Waynesville Has Great Coffee And Yes, Pumpkin Spice!

When we first discovered Waynesville, we were impressed with its offerings for a small town – great shops and restaurants, art and culture, beautiful views of the surrounding mountain ranges, and great coffee.  Since that time we have seen microbreweries added, movie theatres revived and even more coffee options!

But before I go further into the coffee options, I need to come clean – I am not a pumpkin spice coffee fan, and can’t even get myself to try it!  I love the smell and flavors of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and cloves – and appreciate it in baked goods, but just can’t get into it as an additive to my coffee.  I realize, however, with all of the commercials and national advertising I’ve seen lately, that I am definitely in the minority.  Apparently, including some family members, people wait with anticipation for the fall season so pumpkin lattes return to menus!

As Waynesville residents, coffee lovers, and bed and breakfast owners, we are proud of and grateful for all of the great places to get a good coffee.  We love them all . . . Smoky Mountain Roasters (We serve their Organic Guatemalan and Organic Peruvian Decaf at Windover.  Guests have loved it so much they now have the coffee shipped to their home!), Panacea CoffeeHouse, the Espresso Bar at the Strand, Starbucks, and the newest addition, Orchard Coffee Roasters.  We drink our coffee black, and add nothing that could hide the flavor, and I can tell you, they all have great coffee. 

And, just for you, I’ve checked, and yes, pumpkin spice is showing up on their menus.  You’ll just have to come and do the taste testing of that yourself!

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