No Desperation For Season Changes Here

Sixteen years ago, we came upon a quaint, small town in Western North Carolina. We loved how it was surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges that were visible from almost every area of the town.  As we explored the town shops and restaurants and talked with their owners, we noticed how friendly and happy they seemed, but also noticed how often they said how much they loved living there.  The experience caused us to add Waynesville, NC to our list on a bed and breakfast for sale website and to begin our research!

We found out the average annual temperature in Waynesville was in the 50’s, with winter getting very cold at night, but with the altitude and sunny days, feeling warm enough to do without those bulky, heavy winter coats and for golf to occur year around!  The summer could get hot, but rarely hit 90 degrees, and again, because of the altitude, the heat came without the humidity!  And those beautiful mountain ranges surrounding the area were not only beautiful, but they serve the purpose of breaking up severe weather patterns that would otherwise descend upon the area.

After I missed noticing the first day of Spring had come and gone weeks ago, I realized after living here for 13 years, I was starting to take for granted how fortunate we are to have the variety of the changing seasons and our moderate average temperatures.  They do truly contribute to our happiness!  Being able to take breathtaking hikes in winter or working in a sun filled yard in February, keeps the desperation we had for Spring when living in Pennsylvania from occurring.  Instead, Spring arrives calmly and gradually as I notice the wildflowers and daffodils sprouting, our mountain ranges changing color with their budding trees, and the days getting longer so we have more time to enjoy this beautiful area we live in!




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