Windover’s Little Piece of Biltmore History

I must admit, as much as I love our home, and exploring it’s history, there is one area I have refused to explore in search of hidden treasures – our basement dirt crawl spaces. It’s not that I mind getting dirty. (Anyone that has stayed with us and seen me in the garden can attest to that!) No, it’s more the tight quarters that would make me uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Luckily though, that was not a problem for our insulation contractor, and you guessed it – a treasure was found!

We did some research, and according to local folks, Biltmore Dairy made deliveries in Waynesville. I have no doubt that Pearl, Windover’s original owner, made sure Old HIckory Street was on their route. The BIltmore Estate’s museum staff was very generous, and shared with us what they could tell us. Apparently, plastic crates replaced the metal milk bottle crates in the 1950’s and were used until the 80’s, when the Biltmore Dairy sold to Pet Inc. To some, this may not be much of a treasure. After all, at most, it’s probably as old as I am! But to us, it’s just another piece of the puzzle that is the history of Windover – and we’re excited to have it!

We’re trying to think of some creative way to use it in the Inn, but for now we’ll just proudly display it in the sitting room for all to see. So now when you come to stay with us to visit the Biltmore – there will be a little piece of it’s history right here to greet you!

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