Reconnecting with Nature at Eastatoe Falls

About 50 miles from the Windover Inn I connected with Eastatoe Falls. After one of the guests mentioned its beauty I decided to check it out. The drive was about an hour and a half  going through Pisgah National Forest on 276 S.  I passed Looking Glass Falls, a must see and right off the road. When I got to Brevard, I made a right to get on 64W and continued until I hit US178 and made a left towards the town of Rosman. I followed US178 until I found this sign and a gravel road on my right, a little over 3 miles.

The owner happened to be outside when I pulled up and he assured me that all are welcome. He has a few signs up for parking I just went to the right of the house and parked.

After I parked I could hear the falls, its a short walk through his back yard and I was there.




 This wasn’t a hike just a short walk but worth it. Its hard to believe its somebody’s backyard.

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