Gardening: The Only Project Allowed Never To End

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to have unfinished projects of any kind.  It’s the part of my personality that keeps me from enjoying things like knitting or reading novels, or when doing things like moving, keeps me from taking a break until everything is in its place, and the last picture is hung on the wall.  It’s also the part of my personality that allows me to get things done and not to procrastinate, even when I’m tempted to.

Uncharacteristically though, when it comes to our gardens, I seem to do everything and anything to make sure the project never ends!

Every season – and this time of year, every day – is exciting for me in the garden. I like nothing better than to be pulling weeds in one area of the yard, only to get to the other side to find leaves on a tree that weren’t there just an hour ago.  Sometimes it reminds me of the National Geographic time lapse photography of flower buds opening into beautiful flowers – but it’s happening in front of my eyes!

Our Siberian Iris are just starting to unleash their beauty
now, and thanks to splitting we have them everywhere!

As our cut leaf maples mature, their color
gets deeper and richer.

I love to see how our newer additions flower into more mature plants, how our mature plants become richer in color and texture each year, and how each of their characteristics play off of each other each time as they appear, disappear, and yes, some of them appear again! (We have to take more pictures!)

Don’t laugh, but I relish the chance to find a mature plant that needs to be split so I have the opportunity to spread their beauty around the garden.  It costs nothing but time, and it keeps the project from ending.  And sometimes, after a plant matures, I’ll actually be excited to find now that it’s grown, it just doesn’t look right in its original spot.  I look forward to the challenge to rearrange the area, or better yet, start an entire new one to get just the right look. Oh yeah, and to keep the project going.

and here . . .
Thanks to last year’s splitting we
now have daisies here . . .
and here . . . .
and here!!!

and here . . .

Maybe it’s creativity at work, maybe psychologically, I just need a place where I allow myself an unfinished project, or maybe, I just luv to get dirty!  Whatever it is, I certainly enjoy it, and love sharing it with others, even if it is unfinished!

One peony bush I found
growing under one of our other shrubs
has been split one . . .
two . . .
three times to give us 4 bushes now!

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