Reflections on Easter Sunday

Having a bed and breakfast makes it difficult to participate in the traditional holiday celebrations.  Holidays are usually our busiest times, so it’s sometimes difficult to even remember that it is a holiday!

But Easter has always been a special holiday for me.  Not in the commercial baskets and candy way, but in the spiritual sense.  As the only two early birds in our house, my Dad and I would get up early on Easter Sunday for Easter Dawn Service held at the Fire Tower on Mt. Penn in Reading, PA.  It certainly didn’t provide a stage like our Smoky Mountains or the scenes along the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it did provide a setting that truly made you feel closer to God, and for me, a spiritual intensity that was very moving.  I looked forward to it every year!

As I was remembering those memories today, I was thinking about how living here amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, gives me that feeling of intensity all the time.  And although I understand the symbolism of the mountains bringing a person closer to God, it’s so much more than that. 

Maybe it’s how the wonder of it all reaffirms my faith, maybe it’s the sounds and energy coming from all the living things surrounding us, or how the stillness of the forest creates the perfect path to peace and reflection.  Whatever it is, I’m grateful for it, and happy that I don’t have to wait for Easter to experience it! 


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