Healthy and Wide Awake at The Windover Inn

People accuse me of being an optimist, and by definition, I guess I am.  But even the most positive Pollyanna can be pushed to the point of saying, “Enough is enough!” – and this Pollyanna has had enough of negativity in politics!  And although my business training taught me the topics of politics, sex and religion are taboo when it comes to your business, it’s hard in this political climate to contain myself (and Glenn’s ok with it). 

I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my life is that although I can’t always control what happens, I can always control how I respond to it.  And my experience has been, the more positively I respond to something, the better the outcome.  It hasn’t mattered what my role in life has been at the time, or what the situation has been, it has worked.  And in this case, it doesn’t matter what party affiliation I have!

Has it always been easy to take this positive outlook?  I can’t honestly say that it has been, or that I’ve always been able to accomplish my goal.  And, yes, I do understand that it’s harder for some, more than others, to take this approach to life.  In this case though, I see this negative approach by politicians as a conscious marketing design.  It seems like someone, somewhere, seems to have evaluated what works and what doesn’t, and determined that making people feel worse about their life circumstances, making the other guy look like a murderer instead of just someone with a different policy, frightening people instead of comparing real facts, pitting people one against the other, is what is going to win votes!  And why not?  Isn’t that what the public wants on their television sets?  Reality TV is flooded with groups of people pitted against each other, whether it’s on an island somewhere, a group of housewives, or single women looking for the bachelor of their dreams! 

But wait a minute, this is our government, not entertainment.  Or is it?  With social media and constraints of 140 characters, you gotta go for the sensational – right?  Who’s going to tweet a policy issue? An Apprentice episode with presidential candidates competing – maybe, but Donald Trump as a candidate?  I’m suddenly feeling as George’s character in a Seinfeld episode did, when he realized his world with his friends (Independent George) and his world with his girlfriend were colliding – will this too cause an explosion? 

Well, I guess that depends on us.  I for one am going to take the positive approach (surprised?).  Two can play at this game.  Positive people can blog, tweet, and write reality shows too (ok, maybe that’s stretching it a bit).  So, all you fellow Pollyannas out there – let’s get busy and flood the lines of communication with a more positive world view, not because we’re not sick and tired of it, but because we’re healthy and wide awake!

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