The Color of Beauty

Looking toward the gazebo in our backyard.
Our maple tree by our parking area.
It just doesn’t get any better than this! The pundits predicted we would have a showcase of autumn color in western North Carolina and they were right. This October marks our sixth autumn in Waynesville, and the colors nature has produced are definitely the most vibrant and long lasting of any year since we arrived here in 2006. Even now, in late October, the trees in Waynesville are still showing off their stuff. Up in the hills around town the trees are starting to bare their leaves, and farther up in the mountains, the trees have shed most of their leaves. But, the contrast is still exciting to view. Since we live in a ‘bowl’ surrounded by mountain ranges, depending on your perspective, you can view a close-up of multi-colored flora against a backdrop of semi-bared trees, followed a bit further up the ‘bowl’ by mostly bare trees. All together, it looks fabulous! It’s hard to drive or walk anywhere without losing yourself in the beauty that surrounds you here in Waynesville. Even in our own yard, the colors still sparkle. See for yourself!

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