The End of the Road

Funny how sometimes, things return to where they started. In our case this pertains to road access to our Inn. Originally, when the Howells built this house in 1910, Old Hickory Street ended just above Windover. It really only served this house since there were no other houses on the street.  In the 1920’s Old Hickory St. was extended to connect with what is now Brown Avenue. Now, almost 90 years later, Old Hickory St. has been closed just above us so that we’re once again at the end of the road just like it was in 1910!  The street has been replaced by a pedestrian walkway which connects us to Brown Ave.  This is something we’ve been anticipating since we purchased Windover in 2006. At that time the Norfolk Southern railroad planned to close the Old Hickory St. crossing above us and replace it with…. yes, a pedestrian walkway!  It only took five years, but now it is a reality and Windover is once again at a cul de sac at the end of Old Hickory St.

This is good in a couple of ways. First, there will be no traffic in front of Windover except for visitors to the inn. Also, train traffic will probably be even less noticeable (once or twice a day a train goes by) because they will no longer need to signal for vehicles. The only change is that our guests will need to access our inn from Killian St. instead of Brown Ave. These directions may not be updated on all GPS systems for a while. Also, this change has not been updated on Mapquest or Google maps as yet. Our website directions have always shown the Killian St. access since we anticipated this would eventually occur. So, if you’re visiting us, please use the Killian St. directions shown on our website map at

Now we’re even more secluded than we were before. That’s a good thing!

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