National Park Week Reminds Us To Appreciate Our Bed and Breakfast “Park” Right Here in Waynesville, North Carolina

It turned into summer early this year! How quickly we went from a very cold winter right into warm weather here in the mountains of western North Carolina in 2011. This week is National Park Week, and we’ve been fortunate to have taken some lovely hikes this spring in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as well as the Pisgah National Forest, and we’ve been talking about them on our blogs. Both parks are just minutes from our Waynesville, North Carolina bed and breakfast.

But now I turn my attention to our own little “local park” here at Windover Inn.  All year long there are fun things to do and see right here at the inn. Spring is probably my favorite time of year because it signifies a rebirth, and we’re seeing plenty of that here. A robin family has set up housekeeping in the holly tree next to the veranda, and the parents are busy caring for their three fuzzy little children. The gardens have come alive with spring bulbs, blooming trees, and soon the perennial flowers and shrubs that dot the garden will color our world with their finery. Butterflies and bees are doing their thing pollinating our plants and feeding their families.

In my opinion, the sounds in our “park” are just as interesting as the sights! Birds seem to love it here, and they let us know by singing from dawn to dusk. I have names for a few based on their familiar tunes. “Beethoven”, a tufted titmouse, always sings the first four notes of the 5th Symphony (da da da, doo!). I wish he could learn the rest of it! I wonder if perhaps Beethoven heard this same songbird and then became inspired to… nah, that’s too far fetched!  But, just maybe… Also, there’s “Eraser” or sometimes I think he is saying “Speed Racer”. He’s always first in the morning. Then there are the cardinals, our state bird, with their low to high chirps talking to each other, as well as the robins, sparrows, doves, bluejays and others who keep the airwaves alive with music here. Later in the summer, a family of red tailed hawks appears to raise their family in the field behind our inn. Their occasional screeching isn’t as tuneful as some others, but it signifies their arrival and marks the parade of nature through Windover’s “park” for me.

There are many places to enjoy the flora and fauna here. They include the Adirondack chairs around our fire pit, the porch swing in our gazebo, the two park benches in our secret garden, the rockers on our porch, and wicker furniture on our veranda (my personal favorite), as well as the hammock tied to two trees in our secret garden; a perfect place to kick back with a favorite book! Wherever you find your favorite spot in our “park”, it’s sure to be an enjoyable visual – and auditory – experience!

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