The State of the Union and Relationships

While Glenn and I were watching The State of the Union address this past week, I started to think about relationships, and how the relationship between the President and the Congress is no different than any other relationship.

Think about it.  We have relationships with our spouses, our children, our grandchildren, our parents and our friends.  We have a relationship with ourselves, coworkers, our community, and our God.  They are all certainly different types of relationships, but for the most part, at least in my opinion, they all need to have their “state” reviewed more frequently than once a year! 

Day in and day out we spend a lot of time trying to get things accomplished in our personal and work lives.  Finishing tasks, completing our Things To Do lists, doing laundry, making dinner, and watching the President give the State of the Union Address.  Many days, weeks and yes, even months can go by without reviewing the state of our relationships if we don’t take steps to plan and review on a regular basis.  Priorities can get lost, and plans are abandoned, and the more time that passes, the harder it is to reconnect and get back on track. 

When I was a manager, I held a short staff meeting every Monday morning.  It helped our office start each week with an agenda of what we needed to get done to meet our goals.  It was a time to reflect on the week that had passed, praise jobs well done and an opportunity to clear up any confusions or conflicts.  The time was well spent to keep the “state” of the office from getting out of hand.  In both my personal and business life, I’ve learned that long range goals are great, but I have to plan and review on a monthly, weekly and daily basis to stay on track.  It really helps me to stay focused in every area of my life.  I’d like to say I always do it faithfully, but I still need to work hard at it, but it’s worth it.

Glenn and I are proud of how we have successfully worked together as Innkeepers of The Windover Inn Bed & Breakfast for almost 5 years now, working together day in and day out.  Being organized and having systems in place keeps us focused on what needs to be done, even in a business that requires more spontaneity.  And we know, as silly as it may sound to others, that holding our regular staff meetings (of two) have helped us stay on track in our business, which has kept our business from throwing our relationship off track. 

I wonder how often the President and Congress meet to seriously review the state of the union.  Given the state of their relationship, my guess is, not often enough!

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