Special Visitors

Recently, we had the great pleasure of hosting two people who are very familiar with the Windover Inn! We’re talking about the grandchildren of Pearl and James Harden Howell, Carey and Harden, who grew up next door and spent much of their time here with their grandparents who built Windover and began operating it as a tourist home in 1911. They brought old photos, newsclippings, and most importantly great stories of their years growing up with such interesting grandparents next door! The visit brought back many happy memories for them, and we were the beneficiaries. We learned more about the people who lived here and those who visited Windover in the summer and fall months when Pearl ran it as a tourist home. In addition to the regular guests who came here to the mountains to escape the southern heat, this place came alive with family gatherings, garden parties, soires, and club meetings. In our research to have Windover approved by the town as a Local Historic Landmark, we had read much about the Howell family. But listening to Carey and Harden we experienced a direct connection to the family who built this house and spent over 60 years here. We learned more about the help staff, the arrangement of furnishings in many of the rooms, including the original screened-in porch, the front porch and dining room. Old pictures gave us more insight into how the home was decorated. A group picture on the staircase from the 1950’s was a great testament to the fact that Windover was a special place for the extended family to meet and relax in the mountains! We can feel the good spirits in this house every day!

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