Our 4th Anniversary

These 2 pictures probably don’t seem very interesting by themselves, but they are reminders to us of the first time we set foot in Waynesville almost 8 years ago on our quest to locate, purchase and operate a B&B. We were then in the early stages of our “5 year plan”. As native Pennsylvanians, we had gone as far north as Bar Harbor, Maine and now we were looking southward toward Virginia and North Carolina. We stayed in Asheville during the last leg of our trip south that year. On the second day, we headed out on the Blue Ridge Parkway toward Cherokee. Around luchtime, our stomachs beckoned and we decided to turn off at the Balsam Exit just south of Waynesville for some lunch. We stopped at the Balsam Visitor Center and looked over the brochures that promoted Waynesville as an attractive destination. So we headed to downtown Waynesville and picked up a ‘picnic lunch’ at The Patio (still there) on Church St. As we walked down Main St. they were just starting the lay the brick sidewalk that is now a hallmark of downtown Waynesville. We were impressed to say the least! We did a little auto tour of the rest of the town and then continued on our way to Cherokee. But that little lunch stop changed our lives. We now knew the “where”, we just didn’t know the “when” until a few years later.

On August 2nd 2006, we returned to Waynesville to purchase The Windover Inn and start our lives as innkeepers. We have never looked back, and we couldn’t be happier! The wonderful people we have met as guests, colleagues, and local townspeople have enriched our lives beyond measure. Wayesville is a quaint southern town in the best meaning of that term. As ‘Northeners’ we were met at every turn by local folks who stopped to say ‘hello’, asked if we needed any help, and generally made us feel welcome in the community. That was something special we did not experience up north. There really is ‘Southern Hospitality’, and it is alive and well in Waynesville! Celebrate with us as we look forward to continuing our journey as innkeepers of the Windover Inn B&B.

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