The Windover Inn’s “Baby Boy”

OK. I know this blog title sounds hokey, but don’t we all turn to mush when it comes to our pets? No different with Jen and me! This month we celebrate the joy our pets bring to us by contributing a dollar for every room we rent to Sarge’s, a local animal welfare group who finds homes for homeless animals from the local animal shelter as well as other sources. As is the case with many of our guests, our cat, Oatmeal, really adopted us. He was one of the fortunate few who didn’t need Sarge’s help to find a home. He started appearing around our inn abount two years ago as a hungry six month old kitten. Our granddaughter named him because his yellow/orange coat made him look like a bowl of Mother’s Oats (with a little bit of white cream under his chin). He was so cute and loving! All he wanted, it seemed, was a little food, love and companionship. How could we resist?! Over the next few months, we made a place for Oatmeal to stay in the cabana behind the inn. We left the door open and put food inside so Oatmeal could expect a regular meal and a place to stay. This arrangement worked… sort of, but sometimes Oatmeal wouldn’t come home for a few days at a time. We had him neutered and were taking him to the vet for his shots and check-up’s, but were we really taking care of him properly? The answer was ‘NO’!

It is so easy to ‘leave the cat out for the day’, but do we really know where they go or what they do when they’re ‘out’? If they’re not spayed or neutered, they’re surely contributing to the problem many towns, including ours, have with ferral kittens and cats all over the place. This is cruel for the cat and a potential health problem for the community. Even if the cat is neutered, it is still leaving its ‘calling card’ all over the place, not to mention terrorizing birds and other prey. We had to face the fact that this is not a responsible way to be a pet owner. Enter, the Invisible Fence and a collar for Oatmeal. He will surely have a different point of view here, but suffice it to say that Oatmeal DID learn his safe area with the Invisible Fence. Now, over a year later, and even without the collar, he rarely strays beyond the fence line. Sometimes we need to remind him of his safe area, but not very often. Oatmeal now has an area he can call his own that wraps just about all the way around our inn. He also has a ‘bachelor pad’ that is his nightly home. He isn’t allowed inside the inn, and he doesn’t usually hang around the porch with our guests although some of our regular guests do ask for a special visit from him when they’re here. We always try to accomodate them! Let us know if you want him to visit you while you’re here at the inn. Otherwise, Oatmeal will probably be in his bachelor pad or hanging out around the rear of the inn in his safe area inside the lattice fence. He does answer to ‘Baby Boy’.

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