Pictures from Max Patch Bald in Spring

Now that Rt. 40 is open again, it opens additonal opportunities for our us (and our guests!) to revisit some of our favorite haunts that were difficult if not impossible to access during the road closure. One in particular is Max Patch Bald. If you’ve read our previous blog or have visited Max Patch, yourself, you will understand the excitement of a return trip there after a too long absence. As our car climbed up along the 6 mile winding gravel road toward our destination, our anticipation grew. We arrived at the parking area from which two trails reach out to the bald. One provides a short direct hike straight up to the bald, the other is about a mile rim trail that meanders up. We took the direct route! This time the panorama of trees was full of spring greenery, rather than the colors of fall, or the teeming bare branches of winter. Each season has its special splendor and I’d be hard pressed to name my favorite. They’re all grand, especially after a long absence!

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