It’s A Happy Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching, it made me realize how often I think lovingly about my father and the happy memories of him. He passed away years ago, and during the time he was battling cancer, and then when he died, even though I had a certain peace that he was going to a better place, at that time, the sheer thought of his suffering and someday no longer having him in my life was devastating. I know it was selfish. I always felt comfort in his hugs of unconditional love, I was reassured by his convictions of walking the talk and strengthened by his example of staying true to his convictions in business and his personal life. I enjoyed sharing deep discussions with him on family, religion, business and politics and just life in general.

Now, years later, I still miss him, and there are still sad moments, (like right now), but more often there are moments of joy. I can honestly say there is hardly a day that doesn’t go by when I have a reason to think of him and feel joy in that moment of memories. Glenn and I talk often of how he would like it here at The Windover Inn. He loved to be with people! It makes me happy to think of him, and of everything we shared, and yes, I still share with him. I’m not sure I can agree with the expression, “time heals all wounds,” because the intensity of his loss is still there, the wound remains, but my treatment of it is what has changed. It took time, but now when I think of him, it is all about the living he did, and not his dying. And those hugs, well, you had to experience them to understand this, but they were strong enough to feel even now!

Happy Father’s Day Dad! I love you! Jen

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