Technology Versus Nature At A Waynesville, North Carolina Bed & Breakfast

There are so many ways to get information these days, and so much information to be absorbed! It seems as if there is new technology being offered every day to help us be more efficient and more connected to the world and its news events. Although I can understand its value, I also understand at times, I, personally, need to disconnect.

Even when my children were young, when the only input of news I would get would be from the newspaper and television, there were times I had to shut my receiver off. I discovered fairly early in my young adult life that I do not take the worries of the world lightly. If there are problems, they need to be solved; if someone needs help, they need to be rescued; and diseases, well, you get the idea. I had to learn very quickly, that I couldn’t save the world, or even one or two people.

But, I didn’t want to lose that part of me that feels deeply about things. I like that about myself, and it’s what motivates me to be a better person and to hopefully always try to leave whatever I touch in this world a little better than it was before.

Through the years I’ve discovered if I minimize my intake of daily news, I maximize my daily productive output. I found that I’m the type of person that needs to be connected, less to technology, and more to living things. Nothing soothes my soul more than hugs from family and friends, or something as simple as spending the early parts of the morning with the sounds of nature in our gardens.

Don’t get me wrong, I can embrace all of the technology and its benefits, and I still stay in touch with the headline news. But as I recharged my battery in the quiet, peaceful atmosphere of our Waynesville garden sanctuary one early morning, I found myself using my Blackberry for recording the joy of the moment before checking email and the headline news. It’s a lot more impressive when you’re here, but just in case you can’t get here – Enjoy!

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