It’s Time for Tomatoes at This Western North Carolina Bed & Breakfast

It was a dirty job (literally) but someone had to do it. That job was planting our organic vegetable garden at The Windover Inn. This actually began about 6 weeks ago when I seeded my indoor seed starter pods and placed them in my indoor Grow Garden which is a 3 tiered grow light arrangement that holds about 300 seed starter pods at a time. I seeded most of the pods with herbs, tomatoes and annual flowers. Fresh herbs are important ingredients in my savory breakfasts here at The Windover Inn Bed & Breakfast, such as stratas, frittatas, and quiches. We use tomatoes as a garnish, but I always try to serve tomatoes that I’d like to eat, too. Not the ‘tennis ball’ variety. I love it when plates come back with EVERYTHING eaten!

Today I took the chance that our last frost has passed here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. This is a big chance since it is only the beginning of May. But The Weather Channel’s extended forcast assures me, fool that I am, that the next 10 days will be warmer than average. So… that brings us just about to the traditional ‘last frost date’ of May 15th. My other problem is that my tomato seedlings have grown into such big plants, they no longer fit under the grow light! So, while our cat Oatmeal watched, I planted 14 tomatoes in our raised garden, today. This is a 100% organic garden since I don’t use any pesticides and I know exactly where these plants came from! The herb plantings have already gone into our whiskey keg herb gardens since they are a bit heartier than the tomatoes. We’ll see how everything turns out! Hopefully, by mid July, Jen and I will be plating our guests’ savory dishes with homegrown tomatoes!

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