The Windover Inn Bed & Breakfast Thanks Volunteers With A Discount

There are always pros and cons to every job, and working for yourself is no different. But one major difference in working for yourself versus working for someone else is you get to decide the mission and culture of your business, and it has been a liberating feeling!

When we first developed our Business Plan, we decided our bed and breakfast in Waynesville would truly be our home and our guests would be visiting our home, not our business. There’s a door separating our Innkeeper Quarters from the rest of the Inn, but that’s the only separation. Our entire home is decorated with our personal belongings and photos, and we love sharing them with our guests. We framed some updated photos of our grandchildren today, and as we were deciding where to put them, we talked about how wonderful it is to be able to work in our home and be surrounded by these photos of our family. It really keeps us connected, even if they live a distance away or are no longer with us.

Another part of our Business Plan was to incorporate our interest in giving back to our community into our Marketing Plan. We knew one of the challenges of having our own business would be that there would always be expenses and projects, and difficult decisions regarding where money would be spent and when. To be sure we never lost sight of our personal goals, we came up with a system that connected our giving to the number of rooms we rent out to guests in any given month, with a $1 donation per room rented going to specific charities and organizations. It’s been a seamless way to connect our personal and business goals, and to stay on track.

This month we celebrate the American Red Cross, and the work of Volunteers. All of our Windover Inn Bed & Breakfast guests that volunteer for ANY organization will get a $10/night discount in March, and our $1/night donation will go to our local American Red Cross Chapter. We appreciate the work Volunteers do to help others, and what the American Red Cross does for those in need and want to say “Thank You”! It was a business decision passed by a majority – a majority of two!

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