The Birthday of Our Blog From Our Bed and Breakfast in Waynesville, NC!

Ok, so today also happens to be MY birthday, but that’s just a coincidence. I’m 58 and counting and helping to launch my side of our web log. February is known as the lost month between winter and spring with nothing to recommend it except its brevity. But it’s my month, and I’m stuck with it! Even in February, I love to discover images of nature that inspire me to explore the mysteries that surround Jen and me here in western North Carolina, whether it’s in the Smoky Mountains, along the Blue Ridge Parkway or in our own garden! I don’t have to go far. From the first snow crocuses that are just now popping up outside our B&B, The Windover Inn Bed & Breakfast, to the snowy heights of the mountains that surround us here in Waynesville, there is likely to be an image that captures my imagination. When I hear my Canon calling me, I try to answer it! Stay tuned. I hope the images and reflections we share inspire you!

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